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Community Cause

Honoring Those who Serve and Protect

Most of us already know that Texas has lost more peace officers in the line of duty than any other state in the country, and the bravery and dedication of the men and women who police our streets is legendary. The Laurie Cinecio Agency is proudly announcing that we will be launching a long term campaign to support and honor those who put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve our community.

Ambassadors for Peace and Order

The Laurie Cinecio Agency is now a recognized #AgentsofChange Regional Ambassador for the Fort Worth area, and our primary focus will be to support our local police officers. We will be working to assist initiatives to improve resources for our peace officers, to help fund memorial projects for our fallen heroes, and to encourage communication and fellowship between our local police and the communities they are sworn protect.

We have a great deal of work to do, and we can’t handle it all alone. We need your help.

Join our Support Team

The ideal way for you to help us during this ongoing campaign will be to invite your friends and family to come and visit us at the Laurie Cinecio Agency. We will happily offer them an insurance consultation free of charge, and then we will provide them with details on our efforts to honor our police officers. For every person you refer, we will make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local initiative or program that works in support of local law enforcement.

Thanking our Local Police Officers

This is your chance to express your thanks to the police officers who work so hard to keep Fort Worth safe and secure. Join us, and let’s show our gratitude together!


Laurie Cinecio

Laurie Cinecio Agency

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