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Meet Our Team

Laurie Cinecio

Agency Owner

Email Laurie, here.

Originally from Upstate New York, Laurie came to Texas 30 years ago and has made it her home since. Laurie loves helping people. She understands how people don’t usually like purchasing insurance and she loves trying to make that experience as easy as possible while gaining valuable relationships.

In addition to building these relationships with her customers, she enjoys learning about new things. Right now Laurie is really into getting healthier. She extends her determined and positive attitude on to others because she wants everyone to be successful and not worry about money issues.

When not in the office, Laurie would be found at home with her grandchildren or at the ranch.

Jessica Cinecio

Sales Producer

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Jessica moved from Arlington to Rendon at a young age and now has the opportunity to watch her children attend the same schools she did while growing up.

She finds it most rewarding when she sees her customers walk away with the knowledge that they’re in good hands and that they’re most valuable assets are taken care of. It’s the knowing that you’re doing something good for someone that makes her job that much better.

Jessica is a proud mom of five kids with one more on the way! With that said, she enjoys being adventurous with her kids and showing them new things to explore.

In the words of Jessica “Our agency became a part of helping hands and SOA. I want us to make a difference in our community even if its one step at a time.”

Carol Waters

Account Manager

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Hailing from the music city that is Nashville, Tennessee, Carol moved to Texas 18-years-ago with her husband. She has been working in the insurance industry for 28 years and with Laurie Cinecio Agency since movie to Texas.

Carol enjoys helping her customers by giving them the best service she can.

When not in the office, Carol enjoys spending her time with her 2 daughters, 3 young adult grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. And when not with the kids, she is relaxing at home, watching a movie or doing something creative.

Cathie Luckey

Sales Producer

Email Cathie, here.

With thirty-five years under her belt, and twenty-one of them being with Insurance, Cathie is an insurance expert. She believes it is her responsibility to educate the client so they can make an educated decision on their insurance. Cathie strives to help clients as much as she can and takes great pride in the work she does.

Born and raised in Texas, Cathie moved from El Paso, Cathie moved to Arlington in 1986. Nowadays, Cathie enjoys spending her free time baking and cooking with her family and two great grandchildren.

Cecilia Bedolla

Account Manager

Email Cecilia, here.

Originally from Mexico, Cecilia moved to Texas at 9-years-old. She has now been working in the insurance industry since 2014.

She finds it exciting being able to help people understand insurance and make an informed decision on their policies. Especially if that informed decision ensure that they stay protected.

When not at work, Cecilia loves spending time with her husband and their two boys. They often go to picnics at the park, go to the zoo, cook out next to the pool or any activity for her kids to enjoy.

Jennifer Huffman

Personal Financial Representative

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Gowing up in West Texas, Jennifer understands the small town values and likes to provide the very best to her customers. She has six years experience in the life insurance industry and five years of investment experience through a private financial firm.

She strives to adequately prepare her clients for retirement, or protect her client’s families financially.

When not at work, you’ll find Jennifer on a soccer field, football field, basketball court, or wherever else her four kids have a school function.  Her favorite way to spend the weekend is relaxing with a good book and spending time with 4 kids, husband, 2 dogs and friends.

Fun fact about Jennifer is that she was a vocal performance major for a short period of time in college.

Patty Montoya

Sales Producer

Email Patty, here.

Patty grew up in Matehuala, S.L.P and moved to Arlington, Texas in 1985. She is now a proud US Citizen. She’s been working for Laurie Cinecio Agency for 16 years.

She enjoys helping her customers and it’s a rewarding feeling when she can help them with their insurance needs.

Patty loves spending time with her 3 kids, listening to music, and helping her husband with projects. It’s especially fun for her going from store to store and shopping for shoes!!

She also likes to volunteer where help is needed and her favorite thing is to translate Spanish to English and vice versa.